For Team Captains:


To Begin Fundraising:

  1. Click here to be taken to the Donations portion of the challenge. Click “Register”, then “Create a Team”.

  2. Follow the prompts until you’re registered and your team is created, and you’re taken to your team’s fundraising page.

    1. If you’re a new team, we recommend you aim for a team goal of $1000.

    2. Feel free to edit the language and photos on your team’s fundraising page; if you’d like ideas, or want to personalize your page further, email to discuss ideas and needs.

  3. Share the link to your team’s fundraising page with your team; instruct prospective members to click “Join Team” and proceed with registration on the fundraising website.

  4. Team members will be given their own personal fundraising page which they can share with friends and family, as well as on social media.

    1. For team members new to fundraising, we recommend they aim for a personal goal of $300.

    2. Encourage team members to make the language on their personal fundraising pages more personal; if they’d like ideas, or want to personalize their pages further, they can email for ideas.


Other Ideas:

  • Update your team when you reach milestones – $100, halfway, and 75% are all good points at which to celebrate your fundraising success and talk about how you’re feeling about the Challenge and what you’re doing to train or prepare.

  • If you end up exceeding your fundraising goal, consider increasing the amount your fundraising page says you’d like to raise – even a little bit more goes a long way towards getting youth outside!

  • We’d also recommend coming up with some form of incentive for team members in recognition of on-team accomplishments. These accomplishments could range from “Most Money Raised” to “Biggest Single Donation” to “Donation that Pushed Us Past Our Goal”, where incentives could range from verbal (bragging rights) to physical (paper plate awards or prizes) to more team-based (lunch for reaching the fundraising goal).

Thank you so much for leading a team – and Good Luck with the Challenge!

Miles Fulton

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Feel Free to contact us with any questions!