Welcome to the Mark fulton 8,000 meter challenge

This wild and relentless challenge started in 1995 after Mark Fulton had the crazy idea of hiking southern California’s three tallest peaks in one day. The idea was to start with Mt Baldy, then head to San Gorgonio, and then finish San Jacinto before the last aerial tram descends down to the valley floor. When they stood on the tram that night after completing all three peaks the 8,000 Meter Challenge was born.


24 years later the event has grown and is now open to outdoor retail staff employees. Why only them? Mark Fulton was a sales rep for the outdoor industry and he did not create this event to sell gear but instead to educate retailers with first-hand experience of the products they sell.


Don’t get me wrong, this event can be a bit grueling but for every moment of pain and doubt, there are 10 moments of joy and strength. So, gather your co-workers and start training for what will be one of the most inspiring events of your life.  

Miles Fulton 


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